Hello! I’m Berta Artigal

Since I was a child I have loved drawing and I have never stopped doing it.

I studied illustration between the Llotja school in Barcelona and the Art School of Tarragona,              later I did a postgraduate degree in creative illustration at the Eina school in Barcelona.

Since 2016 I work as a freelance illustrator, I love to experiment
different techniques and apply my drawings in different materials and supports.

In this portfolio you can see a sample of my work;  such as personal artwork, posters, wine labels, prints, or murals.
I really enjoy working on disparate assignments in which I constantly learn and evolve.

I love and am very inspired by nature, life, the female figure, claiming social issues…

Since 2018 and almost by chance I began to enter the world of murals and it is something that passionate, to see how the drawings interact with the spaces and the beings that inhabit them, it seems to me very interesting and beautiful…

This has allowed me to travel, which I love! And paint murals in different places like; Berlin, Prague, Madrid, Kenya…

I alternate my work as an illustrator with that of a workshop facilitator teaching extracurricular activities or occasional mural or drawing workshops with children, young people and adults.

This is a little bit about me
Here I am eager to continue working, learning and evolving with my work.


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